Gumby: The Movie at the Tribeca Family Festival

Tribeca Family Festival
[GUMBY] | 1995 | 80 min | 1995 | USA

Directed By: Art Clokey
Interests: Family, Kids
Program Notes
The original Green Hero! This popular 1995 claymation is re-mastered and re-edited
to bring Gumby back to his band, the Clayboys, for all the action and adventure!
While taking us in and out of books, from Toyland to Camelot to outer
space, Gumby's optimistic personality and care for the environment shine
brightly. Ages 4+
Sat, Apr 28, 4:30pm AMC Village VII Theater 3| $14 Sun, Apr 29, 4:00pm AMC Kips Bay Theater 12| $14 Fri, May 4, 11:00pm Tribeca Cinemas Theater 2| $14 Sun, May 6, 10:30am Tribeca Cinemas Theater 2| $14 For ticketing information please phone 1-866-941-FEST or email