In 1960, with Davey and Goliath in the family, Clokey Productions moved to a large studio in Glendora, California. The first Davey pilot was shot in the Hollywod studio. All of the rest were produced in the spacious Glendora location. Two renowned voice actors played the main roles in the series during the early 60s. Dick Beals played Davey and Hal Smith played Goliath. In the late 60's Davey was played by Norma McMilain. She also played Gumby in his last batch of episodes.  

Once the first series of Davey and Goliath episodes were completed, Clokey Productions began production on a new Gumby Adventure Series. These clay puppets were made from poured molds. Gumby began having more historical adventures such as helping the Mayflower get to America, crossing the Delaware River with George Washington and of course having every other conceivable adventure through time and toy land. During this time, Art produced two silent comedy films utilizing the pixilation technique. This is stop-motion animation of people. "The Plucky Plumber" and "Lawn Party" were the result.

Gumby had his own show and was later syndicated all over the world. Davey And Goliath was also syndicated around the world, and was usually shown on Sunday mornings. Art and Ruth waited seven years to merchandise Gumby products, so when they did it was a huge hit. Over 13 million Gumby and Pokey bendables were sold in the first few years. The Lutheran Church did no merchandizing, but the episodes were just as popular. Davey was a gift to all children. The Church gave the episodes to the stations free of charge.  

Art produced a special clay animation opening for the Dinah Shore show and also did various other commercial ventures such as the clay animated opening credits on the movie "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini". By the late 60's Gumby was no longer in production, but lead by Ruth Goodell (Clokey) the studio produced several more seasons of Davey episodes. The 60's was a busy decade for Clokey Productions. 85 six minute Gumby Adventures were produced that decade, as were most of the 65 fifteen minute Davey and Goliath episodes.


"Treasure for Henry" a new clay animation project in the 60's

Henry video clip