In the Early 70's Clokey Productions finished the final Davey episodes and produced a series of half-hour specials with the Lutheran Church. The studio also produced a series of clay animation specials for the Readers Digest that were aired on national TV entitled "I am Joe's Heart", "I am Joe's Lung", etc.


Meanwhile, Art was producing a couple of clay animation art films in his basement. "Mandala" featured the sculpting talents of Arts new wife Gloria Harmon, step daughter Holly Harmon and Daughter Ann Clokey. Even teenager Joe Clokey was involved in the filming. "The Clay Peacock" was similar in style, but was based on footage never used from the Dinah Shore show opening.
In 1977 Art and Gloria created a new toy called Moody Rudy. He's a bendable with a face that can be made into almost any expression. They also developed a Gumby bendable that was bigger and softer than any before. This was sold only via mail order and included a special bicentennial American flag with the stars making the shape of a heart. When the Disney Channel aired Gumby, the fan mail came pouring in, making Art and Gloria realize how important Gumby still was to children. By the end of the 70's Ruth had closed down the Glendora Studio, and Art and Gloria were hoping to write a Gumby feature film and get Gumby back on TV. The Good news was that Davey and Goliath was getting international air play, delighting children all around the world.